PowerHouse Kickboxing is a high-end boutique style kickboxing and fitness gym.

Our focus is private, personalized training, individual attention for each and every client. We offer small group classes, semiprivate lessons, private sessions, as well as very controlled limited space environment for kids's kickboxing and self-defense programs.

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Weight Training Options: 

While we are a kickboxing gym first and foremost, we do offer weight training opportunities. Open Gym - you work out on your own, use the gym equipment at your discretion, but our trainers are readily available to assist, advise, and support.

Personal training - for more encouragement, simplicity, efficiency, the latest exercise science information, and a personalized workout catered to your needs, goals, abilities, and injury prevention.

Small weight lifting group classes - with no more than 6 to 8 clients per class. Where you will get a high impact 45min whole body workout.
Kickboxing fan? 

Open Gym - work on many of our heavy punching bags on your own, and have access to our coaches who are available on the floor to guide you on proper form and technique.

Personal Training - take a private class with a Kickboxing Coach to achieve quicker results and a better understanding of the technique.

Quick 30min high impact workout - Pad Work with a coach - the ultimate Kickboxing workout. You have to be technically sound. Extremely challenging.

Small Kickboxing/boxing cardio classes - no more that 10 people per class, dynamic, fast paced work on punching bags with strength exercise rotations.

Formal Bokatai Kickboxing program - group class environment, no more than 20 students per class.

Team Bokatai competitive training - 1.5 hour class. For those interested and committed to training and competing on the Bokatai Team. Student has to be mentally and physically ready and must be approved by a Master Coach. This is the most advanced training program which includes sparring sessions, weight and conditioning training, and learn the competitive technique with combat application.
Group classes, limited space, small classes! 

Take a single class at a time, or get an Ultimate Open Gym package, with access to unlimited number of group classes as well as working out at the gym during our open hours.

Bootcamp Kickbox, Power Stretch, Kettlebell, PowerKickbox, PowerBox, and adding more as we grow and get your feedback.
Kids' Kickboxing Programs:

First class is always Free!

Our programs for kids include centering, relaxation and focusing techniques. By nature kickboxing is one of the more dynamic types of Martial Arts, therefore students still get a great workout, while benefiting from the martial arts training. Belt testing is available on monthly basis as well as free optional clinics ones or twice a month depending on the belt.

Kids GetFit Kickboxing Class. Get back into the groove, move, feel better about yourselves, get your confidence back. For beginner athlete.

Formal Kids Bokatai Kickboxing program - group class environment, no more than 20 students per class. Students are separated by age and technique proficiency levels. Kids (5-9)/Preteens(9-13)/High School (13-18)/Adult (16+). Each belt level is given a separate attention during training. 

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