Konstantin Selivanov focus as a trainer is and has always been, personalized training, injury prevention, and individualized approach

To create a positive, wellbeing-centered environment where we all gather to enjoy what we do. To learn, to grow, and to excel as individuals and as a team. To share our knowledge, to empower and support each other and our clients, changing and improving our community one person at a time.

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Our Personal Training sessions are fully customized to your needs and with your individual goals in mind. Our results-driven Coaches and Personal Trainers will guide, coach and inspire you.

Whether your priorities are weight loss, conditioning, strength training, kickboxing/boxing competitive training, or sport-specific performance enhancement, your private classes are always evolving and always fun.


Private group training is the most popular exercise format at PowerHouse Kickboxing and Fitness. You get all the benefits of a Personal Training Session at a fraction of the price because your friends share in the cost with you.


We offer a variety of private and group personal training packages, click below to schedule!


For more details on classes, requirements, descriptions and necessary equipment, please go to the schedule and click on a particular class you are interested in. Always bring water, we also have water for sale.

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We get it! The only reason PowerHouse Kickboxing (PHK) is entering it’s second decade of business, is thanks to the patronage of our clients, and hard work of our team; a team of professionals, passionate about their craft.

We listen! We are so grateful for any and all feedback we can get from our clients and our team members. Please talk to us, compliments, ideas, suggestions, concerns – all are welcomed.

5 of 5 stars

  • K and Elena have really put together a quality product. The best part about the gym is their ability to adapt to your needs. My background is in powerlifting with very little experience in martial arts. K is able to work with a novice like me and also meet the needs of 20 year experienced fighters. The set up at PowerHouse is great, it includes a good weightlifting area, full ring and tons of separate areas to work on your kickboxing technique. It is a great alternative to Crossfit which only focuses on weightlifting. PowerHouse has a trained expert to assist you at all times. You can't beat getting a good lifting workout in and then switching over to work on your kickboxing technique. I signed up for $20 for 2 weeks full access of classes and the gym. So far I've had 4 one on one morning classes to work on my kickboxing technique and in-between days I am able to lift. They also offer cardio bootcamp type classes but for now I'd prefer more technical lessons and the coaches always switch things up to meet what I am looking for. These guys really kick your butt, in a good way. It's a great product and provides clients with a lifestyle change that is something you can't get anywhere else.

    BEN B.Waltham, MA
  • I usually don't write reviews but I had to for this place. As an executive with a high stress job I was struggling to keep weight off and with anxiety. It's not like I did not have access to a gym. Like many others I had a membership nearby, but somehow I never seemed to get there. I had walked by Powerhouse kickboxing a number of times and had even looked them up online. I have to say the descriptions of Konstantin were a bit intimidating. One day when my anxiety was high, I just walked in. Konstantin was very warm, took the time to just listen to me. He ended up giving me a free introductory lesson and teaching me a mindful meditation. He is a master technician and his martial arts are unparalleled, but he combines that with life coaching and motivation. He knows how to work with all levels from beginner to expert. Fast forward a year and I am in great shape and much more able to handle day to day stress. Knowing he is waiting for me or texting me to make sure I get there is much of the battle. So whether you train with him or one of his hand selected coaches, this is the best way to get and stay healthy. Go in, just do it, and make a promise with yourself to stay for a few months no matter what. You will find yourself a year later in better physical and emotional shape. For those of you that are stay at home parents, kids can be more stressful than at work employment. Try it.....they also have excellent female coaches. Don't let the ring in the place fool you, you can learn to fight in this place if you desire, but you can also find peace of mind, fitness, confidence, self defense and fun. There is no place like it. Do yourself a favor like I did. Give it a go you won't be sorry. Get healthy....you only get one body and mind.

    FITZGERALD K.Brookline, MA
  • There is a reason that I've been training with K since 2008. He knows what he's talking about, and he knows how to push me out of my comfort zone. I credit a good portion of my good health to everything that K has helped me achieve, and he knows how to meet people where they are with their goals. I really strive to be a great fighter, but I've seen K work with people that have different goals. He's very understanding. Yesterday I had my first private lesson at the new location in Watertown, and I was blown away. I knew K was going to make a great gym, but everything in there is very high end. Additionally, my longtime colleague Peter is working there, and he is great with kids and martial arts in general. No matter what you are trying to achieve with fitness, stop by and talk to the folks at Powerhouse.

    KEVIN JUSTIN TNorth Andover, MA
  • I can't say enough good things about the new Powerhouse Boxing & Fitness club. I just had my first work out with Konstantin and I was extremely impressed. In just one lesson I feel I learned so much. Coach K as they call him has trained professional athletes in the past and I really felt fortunate to have the opportunity to work with him. He is patient and knowledgable and brings out everything you have. You not only get a great workout but you also learn the important steps in self defense. The facility is brand new and has everything you need to a get a great workout ! They have a 2 week promotion going on now where you only pay $20. You must check this place out !

    TIM RWatertown, MA
  • I trained for an hour with owner Constantin. I have been training in boxing for the past three years so I'm rusty in kickboxing. His style of fighting, which is his invention merging boxing, Kung Fu and Tae Kwon Do, is extremely effective. We did "touch" sparring so that I could see what Bokatai was like but then he helped me on techniques for boxing an opponent who is just throwing a non-stop barrage of jabs and crosses. I thought his style is extremely effective and I want to learn and practice more the boxing applications of Bokatai.

    MIA WAuburndale, MA
  • My trainer and I get along so well and it puts a smile on my face when I see younger children's classes come in with such enthusiasm! I'm so glad it's near my apartment and they're so flexible with scheduling private sessions. I actually get motivated to go to the gym, now ?

  • My daughter and my niece walked in to use the gym and they loved it. Konstantin was coaching them and they had an intensive kickboxing workout. Excellent place.

  • There are no words to describe just how much both coach K and the gym has changed my life for the better. K has been privately training me for almost a year, and it is an understatement when I say that he is incredibly passionate, patient, and so much fun to work with. As someone who has struggled with mental illnesses, both K and kickboxing were, and still are vital components in what has helped me to continue working towards becoming a better and (both physically and mentally) healthier person. Highly recommend!

  • Kickboxing is the best workout! You get really fit while learning something and having lots of fun. Coach K is the best. He's not only a great coach and great motivator, he's just a wonderful guy too. I should know, I've been working out with him for over two years! The brand new location is beautifully equipped, with everything you need for working out and kickboxing. I recommend it wholeheartedly! Don't hesitate, give it a try, you'll be really glad you did!


  • Great coaches! , You really work out in those 50 mins of your time. Check it out

  • This guy is legit!!!! Your partner in prevention,

  • I love the group classes, I lost 31 pounds going 3 times every week. I recommend to anyone that wants to be stress free.

  • Great workout! They really push you to keep going hard! The location is great too! And the instructors are nice, friendly, and know what they're doing!

    Jacob S