Corporate Wellness

PowerHouse Kickboxing Employee Wellness Program.
Creating a system of healthy living.

Healthy People = Better Business

Here are the facts: Healthier people work harder, are happier, help others and are more efficient. Unhealthy workers are generally sluggish, overtired and unhappy, as the work is a symptom of their way of life.
According to Corporate Wellness Magazine, every $1 invested in employee wellness programs yields roughly $4 in savings through reduced sick days, higher productivity and decreased overall health costs.

It’s no wonder why: We live in a fast-paced, busy world, full of constant distractions. We’re constantly dialed in with technology and always on the move. Which is why it’s so refreshing to walk into a company where you feel the environment is different, one where people seem motivated, excited, inspired and really loving what they do.

If you’re a local business, looking to provide your employees with a health-conscious benefit, please email us, or call Elena directly at 619-549-0000, for special pricing options. We create a customized plan for every company no matter how big or small. We offer corporate discounts and special programs dedicated to your employees to improve teamwork, collaboration, and interpersonal relationships.

Corporate Wellness

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  • Great workout! They really push you to keep going hard! The location is great too! And the instructors are nice, friendly, and know what they're doing!

    Jacob S
  • I love the group classes, I lost 31 pounds going 3 times every week. I recommend to anyone that wants to be stress free.

  • This guy is legit!!!! Your partner in prevention,

  • Great coaches! , You really work out in those 50 mins of your time. Check it out

  • Kickboxing is the best workout! You get really fit while learning something and having lots of fun. Coach K is the best. He's not only a great coach and great motivator, he's just a wonderful guy too. I should know, I've been working out with him for over two years! The brand new location is beautifully equipped, with everything you need for working out and kickboxing. I recommend it wholeheartedly! Don't hesitate, give it a try, you'll be really glad you did!

  • There are no words to describe just how much both coach K and the gym has changed my life for the better. K has been privately training me for almost a year, and it is an understatement when I say that he is incredibly passionate, patient, and so much fun to work with. As someone who has struggled with mental illnesses, both K and kickboxing were, and still are vital components in what has helped me to continue working towards becoming a better and (both physically and mentally) healthier person. Highly recommend!

  • My daughter and my niece walked in to use the gym and they loved it. Konstantin was coaching them and they had an intensive kickboxing workout. Excellent place.

  • My trainer and I get along so well and it puts a smile on my face when I see younger children's classes come in with such enthusiasm! I'm so glad it's near my apartment and they're so flexible with scheduling private sessions. I actually get motivated to go to the gym, now ?